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Announcing the Journal Club

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the provisional website of the UES Journal Club! I’m Modibo, head of the UES publications committee. Allow me to introduce Ken, Brendan, and Larry, who alongside myself are responsible for organizing this group.

For those of you who heard of us through the marketing committee’s exceptional advertising efforts, please note that the first session is postponed until Monday, February 9th. We want to give members more time to comfortably read/digest the article for this week.

Stay tuned for additional information regarding the upcoming discussion, including readings, location, and other details, as well as general information about the Journal Club. Expect updates tonight and later in the week (right now, dinner is calling).

PS. As always, please sign up here if you’re interested in joining the group. Likewise, if you’re just window-shopping, please feel free to stop by our discussions at any time.