The Journal Club’s inaugural sessions conducted over the Spring 2015 semester will center around the field of macroeconomics, with particular emphasis on issues relating to the business cycle and on economic methodology.

The topics for each session are outlined below. Note, however, that the content in subsequent sessions will be adjusted based on participant feedback, as well as consultations with university faculty. All sessions are currently planned for Mondays at 7pm, but may be adjusted based on popular demand.

February 9th – The Global Financial Crisis: Did Macroeconomics Fail? (SHDH 213)

February 23rd – A Different Kind of Crisis: Understanding the Impact of Cheaper Oil (JMHH G50)

March 2nd – The Neoclassical Revolution (JMHH G50)

March 16th – Persistent Unemployment (JMHH G50)

March 30th – Expansionary Policy in a Liquidity Trap (JMHH G50)

April 13th – Understanding & Resolving the Eurozone Crisis (JMHH G50)


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