General logistics

Meetings run for the length of one hour and will take place once every two weeks. Discussions that take place during these meetings are ideally structured to accommodate between 10 to 15 participants.

Discussion content

Discussions will be centered around a general topic or subfield of economics that is determined by the committee at the start of the semester. Each discussion session will build upon the previous sessions, and consequently, participants are encouraged to attend regularly.

Reading supplements

Each session will be supplemented by a set of recommended readings. Reading packets will be distributed to registered participants at least one week before the scheduled meeting via email. Participants are expected to complete suggested readings in order to contribute constructively to the sessions. The committee will also provide a convenient and accessible avenue for participants to share other reading material not already found in the recommended list with other participants.

Discussion format

Every discussion will be facilitated by a discussion leader. For the first few discussions, discussion leaders will be chosen from among committee members. However, we expect to extend the role to other members once regularity in attendance is established.

Speaker sessions

Occasionally, speaker sessions will be hold in place of or as part of regular discussions. This would involve either inviting speakers (faculty, graduate students, practitioners) to meetings or organizing field trips to colloquiums or conferences on pertinent issues and topics.


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